Lakewood Village Information

Board Meetings


Lakewood Village board members will be meeting via ZOOM.   All owners will receive an email inviting them to the meeting.  If the owners wish to address the board they should email the office directly.  Regular meetings of the board of directors are held on the first Monday of each month at 4 PM.  

Re: Carports & Trash Cans

This is just a reminder that residents are responsible for maintaining the look and upkeep of the carports.  Some carports have an abundance of foliage that needs to be swept.  Trash cans belong in their designated areas and should not be taken to the BBQ pit areas under any circumstance.  There are enough cans for all units & are placed strategically.  No garbage bags should be placed on the floor next to the bins

Dogs MUST Be on a leash at all times.
Ducks should ONLY be fed at the lake and not at your homes please do not feed ducks or any stray animals around your home thank you.


All owners are invited to attend the zoom meeting.


Utility Companies

Please read carefully.


HOA Info

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